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IMPORTANT- Laws on how we contact you are changing from May 2018, meaning we will no longer be able to contact you unless: - We have your express consent to do so - You can tell us how you would like to be contacted by filling out our form below.

Please tick the relevant boxes below so we can continue to send you appropriate communications after May 2018. Thank you.

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In order to carry out our activities as a charity, we handle data in relation to: contact details such as names, addresses, telephone numbers and email address where provided. Please be assured the Portsmouth Hospitals Charity will look after and use your data with utmost care, and will never share or sell it. Our staff are trained to handle your information correctly and protect your confidentiality and privacy. You can see our fundraising promise and privacy statements, which explain what you can expect from us and how we collect and manage information about you, on: this link

You can change the way we communicate with you at any time by contacting fundraising@porthosp.nhs.uk or telephone 02392 286000 ext 5164. We do not share or sell personal data, and we do not data match. 

From time to time we may analyse personal information given and use 3rd party information already in the public domain to tailor appeals appropriately to help keep our fundraising costs to a minimum. We will use your data to send you relevant communications about our fundraising activities and events, keep you updated on latest appeals and relevant articles and news regarding the charity, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust and fundraising.

Your consent will be valid for 2 years after your most recent activity or donation, when we will contact you to ask for further consent. We may use your personal information to do wealth screening, if you do not wish for the charity to use your data in this way, please tick the 'opt-out' box.

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