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Bereavement booklet

The death of someone close to you, whether expected or sudden, can be a very distressing and troubling time. This booklet aims to guide you through the necessary aspects of the arrangements which have to be made, some at once and others over the following weeks. The booklet explains some of the administrative and legal procedures involved.  As these have to be made at a time of personal distress, it may be helpful to contact a friend or relative for support. Download the booklet from the right hand menu.

We are constantly reviewing the service we offer to our patients and their bereaved relatives or friends. Following the recent loss of your loved one or friend, we would be grateful if you would take a few moments to fill in the form below. We value comments about what you found helpful, and areas where you feel we might improve the service.


Were you given opportunity to spend time with your loved one or friend privately, before and after they died?

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Were you offered the spiritual support that you required at the time of your loved one or friend's death?

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Do you feel that your loved one or friend was comfortable during the last days of life? If not please say why?

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Were you helped to understand what was happening at the time of your loved one or friend's death?

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Is there any other information that would have been helpful during this time?

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